SR4134 Secure Router 4134 2- MM-MSM-OCS SM-1T1E1 SR0005A005E5 Available to Buy

Northwest Remarketing has SR4134 Secure Router 4134 2-MM-MSM-OCS SM-1T1E1 SR0005A005E5  For Sale- US $5,500.00 -Used in good working condition with 90 Day hardware warranty by Robin Tepper, sales team

SR0005A005E5 IPv4/IPv6 routing, WAN, VOIP, POE  MM-MSM-OCS SM-1T1E1 SR0005A005E5  <—our website Northwest Remarketing In stock:

This is a Nortel SR4134 Secure Router

1- SR4134 Chassis SR005A005E5


1- SM-1T1E1

1- PS-SR4K-250W-AC Power Supply

1- FAN-SR4K Fan Tray

The Nortel Secure Router 4134 is the newest member of the Secure Router family delivering on the promise of the unified branch. Its modular design supports a range of advanced network services – including IPv4/IPv6 routing, high-performance WAN, high-density Ethernet switching, Power over Ethernet, Voice over IP (VoIP) and security – in a single integrated platform. With its high-end performance and capacity, it addresses the routing and connectivity needs of enterprise branch, regional or even headquarters sites.

MM-MSM-OCS SM-1T1E1 SR0005A005E5  This was pulled from a working enviroment. 

90 Day Hardware Warranty

Government/Military/Corporate PO accepted 

Let me know if you have any questions M-F 9:00-5:00 PST (503) 391-8191 x 118 or Email:

Here is a link to more info from Nortel’s website :

Here is the boot up:

vxTarget# show ver
Kernel: WIND version 2.6.
Boot: (NORMAL Boot)
Created: Mar  4 2008, 11:38:20
Bld Path: “/home/bldmstr/cvs/srmain_NT4_0/srmain”
By: bldmstr
Slot/SubSlot  Card-Type  Status   FPGA-Rev FPGA-Eng-Rev CPLD-Rev CPLD-Eng-Rev
0/-        MPU_A      NORMAL   0×1      0×3           —      0xb
6/-        SERVMOD    NORMAL   —      —           —      0×1
5/-        SERVMOD    NORMAL   —      —           —      0×1
2/-        WTE_1      NORMAL   —      —           0×1      0×5

vxTarget# sh chassis

Chassis Model: SR4134
Chassis Operational Status: NORMAL

Chassis Serial number: LBNNTMJV4115J45093
Chassis Rev: 16

Slot/SubSlot    Card-Type       Status        Serial#
0            MPU_A           NORMAL        LBNNTMJV7723J46006
6            SERVMOD         NORMAL        LBNNTMJVCC13J15042
5            SERVMOD         NORMAL        LBNNTMJVCC13J17017
2            WTE_1           NORMAL        LBNNTMJV9206H38021

vxTarget#  MM-MSM

 —Robin is happy to answer questions and receive offers on this SR4134 Secure Router MM-MSM-OCS SM-1T1E1 SR0005A005E5 inventory and other gear ,

Robin Tepper
NW Remarketing
360 Belmont St NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 391-8191 x 118
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AIM: robintNWR

 SR4134 Secure Router 4134 2-MM-MSM-OCS SM-1T1E1 SR0005A005E5 at Northwest Remarketing.

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