For Sale at Northwest Remarketing AG2330 Secure Router Avaya Nortel SR4342001E5 3 Slot AC Base Advanced Gateway

AG2330 Secure Router Avaya Nortel SR4342001E5 3 Slot AC Base Advanced Gateway For Sale At Northwest Remarketing Contact for Info

90 Day Warranty + Free Fedex Shipping + IPv4 and IPv6


US $1,295.00

This is a Avaya Nortel AG2330 Advanced Gateway Base Chassis.


No Cards Installed.

The Advanced Gateway 2330 is a modular, voice gateway solution that enables enterprises to reliably extend centralized unified communications (UC) services to their remote branch users.

This was pulled from a working environment.

90 Day Hardware Warranty

Government/Military/Corporate PO accepted          

Let me know if you have any questions M-F 9:00-5:00 PST (503) 391-8191 x 118  

Here is a link to more info from Nortel’s website :

Voice media gateway services

The Advanced Gateway 2330 offers a set of integrated voice interfaces that allow connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) as well as support of conventional TDM-based telephony devices. T1/E1 PRI, FXS and FXO interfaces are all available for flexible telephony connection with support for up to 100 simultaneous SIP users or devices. The Advanced Gateway 2330 media gateway and survivability services are interoperable with Avaya Aura™ Session Manager, Communication System 1000 (R6.0 and higher), and Software Communication System (SCS). The Advanced Gateway 2330 is also compatible with Microsoft OCS 2007 R2, as well as other third-party SIP call servers for flexible branch gateway deployment.

Voice Gateway services

• Range of integrated voice interfaces, including FXS, FXO, DID, CAMA, BRI and T1/

E1, enable connection to the PSTN or analog telephony devices

• Supports up to 100 simultaneous users to address the voice gateway needs of small 

to large branch sites

• SIP survivability including inbound/outbound calling, hold, transfer, and call waiting 

to ensure branch resiliency

• Advanced features including call admission control, end-end measurement of latency, 

delay and jitter, user access control, and advanced troubleshooting to improve 

network operations 

• Multi-vendor interoperability with Avaya and third party SIP servers and phones

Integrated security

• Stateful packet firewall, network address translation and denial of service support

• Optional VPN hardware acceleration and IPSec VPN services for secure voice and data transport 

Upgradeable routing and WAN services 

• Routing and WAN services can be optionally enabled via software

• IPv4 or IPv6 with BGP-4, Multicast services (PIM-SM, DVMRP), and MPLS

• Breadth of WAN interfaces (ADSL2+, T1/E1, Serial, Ethernet) and layer 2 protocols


Here is the boot up: 


xTarget# show chassis

Chassis Model: AG2330

Chassis Operational Status: NORMAL

Chassis Serial number: LBNNTMJX99XXXX

Chassis Rev: 1

Slot/SubSlot    Card-Type       Status        Serial#


   0            MPU_A           NORMAL        LBNNTMJX99XXXX

  INT           PVIM_A          NORMAL        LBNNTMJX98XXXX

  0/7           SFP             Absent        —

  0/8           SFP             Absent        —

INT – Mainboard internal module.

vxTarget# show env

Internal Unit temperature is within the recommended operating range (NORMAL)

Average Temperature is 80F/27C (NORMAL)

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